Wankcoin Is The First Official Cryptocurrency For Adult Sites



Toronto Canada - Since its original announcement at launch via Bitcointalk.org in May of 2014, Wankcoin has rapidly continued to gain acceptance world wide among alternative currency speculators, tech enthusiasts and ordinary adults who want to put the power of financial privacy back in the palms of their hands. Already in use on hundreds of websites and being actively supported by a robust mining community, now is the time to cash in on the bridge between privacy, security and porn - WankCoin.

“Creating a cryptocurrency is the easy part now that Bitcoin blazed a trail, however where Bitcoin has failed it has also created opportunity for new innovators to build on their earlier success” said Greg Kazarian, part of the Wankcoin founding team. “Bitcoin showed the world that anonymous, encrypted and secure currency is something the world wants as much as it needs. The difficulties that have stunted their growth continue to come from a string of market meltdowns and high profile marketing nightmares that range from the Silkroad fiasco to the Mt.Gox meltdown. That history now holds it back from achieving the potential that was once laid out in front of it – and Wankcoin is the newer, better, cleaner cryptocoin poised to finally push decentralized money into the mainstream.”

According to CoinMarketCap.com, after less than 60 days since launch, WankCoin is already maintaining a market cap in excess of $230,000 with a coin price of more than .1192 and it is presently the fastest growing value charted on their website. Cryptocoinrank.com currently has Wankcoin ranked in position 69 at the moment, which should not be a surprise to adult site fans seeking a fresh way to purchase top quality porn. Speaking of pornsites, unlike other cryptocurrency that constantly struggle to find places where people can actually spend them, Wankcoin is already accepted as payment by hundreds of adult sites including PORN.com, the site synonymous with porn purchases online.

For those seeking to cash in on mining Wankcoin one fist full at a time, the stats confirmed by GitHub are as alluring as your favorite pornstar. Wankcoin offers 600 seconds block target, 50 coins per block, halves every 210,000 blocks, total 21,000,000 coins, connection port is 9336, RPC port 9335 and confirms WankCoin utilizes a SHA-256 proof-of-work algorithm (the same hashing algorithm as Bitcoin). Miners can see the full GitHub details listed at https://github.com/wcoin and mining pools are growing quickly. The official pool is found at pool.wankcoin.com while syndicated pools have already formed at http://coinminers.freemoneyonlines.info:8080/getting_started and https://www.minep.it/pool/WKC/

Now as the mainstream media spreads the word across: BuzzfeedThisIs50DazedDigitalFaceBookTwitter,YouTube and Reddit - Wankcoin is becoming accepted among the entire cryptocurrency community well beyond adult portals. Currently trading on cryptocurrency exchanges including: www.allcoin.com and www.kingcoiny.com, WankCoin has also been acknowledged by www.cryptsy.com and www.bittrex.com who are presently considering adding listings for this rapidly growing alternative currency as well.

If you missed out on the early domain name gold rush, sat back while Bitcoin skyrocketed and wish you were an early adopter in so many other business opportunities that have already passed you by, take a closer look at WankCoin the original adult cryptocurrency and step in from the sidelines. The power of money is now in the palm of your hand, which still leaves your other hand free for whatever else that catches your eye.