Lauren MacEwen Sees The Future of Cryptocurrency

Lauren Macewen

Lauren Macewen

Lauren MacEwen Sees The Future of Cryptocurrency. This in-depth look through the eyes of a Bitcoin early adopter provides new Bitcoin buyers and sellers with an understanding of where Cryptocurrencies have been and where they are going soon. Ms. MacEwen has worked with several leading cryptocurrency companies, is an active part of the CryptoCommunity and is an expert in all areas of new currency including: Speculation, Investing, Exchange, Pricing, Mining and Transactional Security.

When Did You First Get Involved With CryptoCurrency Markets?

May of 2013, right after the first big Mt.Gox scandal.  I had read about bitcoin in the news and was curious to learn more. Then I got my first bitcoin social media client and jumped in with both feet! I started participating with the social media community and started investing. I immediately fell in love with the community.

Do You Believe Bitcoin Will Eventually Be Viewed With The Same Respect As Dollars, Euros And Other Forms of Money?

No. I think the bitcoin will always be somewhat outside of fiat and that is what is appealing about it. I do think that is solves some of the issues of fiat, especially in places like Cyprus where bitcoin has been more stable than their currency.

Which Kinds Of Cryptocurrency Have You Owned?

I have primarily owned bitcoin, though I have been tipped dogecoin.

Do You Favor One Kind of Cryptocurrency and What Makes Some Better Than Others?

What Is The Most Important Thing Someone New To Cryptocurrency Should Know Before Investing Time or Money In It?

This is not a get rich quick scheme. You will not buy 1 bitcoin and be a millionaire over night. You will also see fluctuations in the market, and don’t panic when you do.  Bitcoin is going through some major growing pains and is coming through strong. But there are likely more to come. I think there is some incredible opportunity but you need to be ok with riding the bitcoin roller coaster.

Lauren MacEwen is the owner of SM Cubed Consulting and is the premier social media marketing firm for several leading bitcoin companies.